Keeper of the Sacred Fire
Painted Ponies,
This Painted Pony is part of The Tribal Collection. It honors authentic Native American arts and heritage: The Potawatomi Indians were a peaceful tribe known as the "Fire Nation" because, before the arrival of Europeans, they maintained the Council Fire once shared by other tribes living on the shores of the Great Lakes. Relying on canoes, they fished, gathered rice, hunted deer and were known for their elaborate flower and scroll designs on mat and basket weavings. Their history took a tragic turn with their forced relocation to the Indian Territories in Kansas and Oklahoma in 1838. "Keeper of the Sacred Fire" is a powerful and moving tribute to the enduring spirit of the Potawatomi, created by an artist who grew up along what came to be known as one of the Trail of Tears
Measures: 7"
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Cheryl A. Harris, who currently works from her studio in Covington, Indiana, exemplifies artistic versatility. She has a degree in Visual Art & Design which prepared her for work as a technical product illustrator. For 14 years, she served as an art director for an advertising and marketing firm, where her responsibilities included art direction, design, illustration and product supervision of advertising and marketing materials for a variety of clientele, including local and national accounts. Adding to her commercial portfolio, she has also pursued a successful career in the fine-art field, painting and drawing and creating large-scale murals. A participant in numerous juried fine-art festivals, with a variety of gallery exhibitions to her credit, she has donated her talent to numerous charitable causes and auctions.

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