Super Charger
Painted Ponies, 12232

In the 15th Century, when knights were defenders of the faith, a woman��_s honor, or just about anything that endowed them with greater glory, their horses - called "chargers" - were their partners in activity and glory. Just as knights were flamboyantly dressed in spectacular body armor, so were their horses dramatically decorated. tandard equipment on this medieval steed is an elegant helmet, a sword with a jeweled hilt, a shield with heraldic markings, heavy padding for protection, and a lion, king of beasts, featured on the back of the saddle.
"It is ironic," comments Rod Barker, Executive Director of The Trail of Painted Ponies and the creator of "Super Charger", "that something which achieves such a high standard of beauty was used as an instrument of war."

The Trail of Painted Ponies

Height: 7", Solid Resin
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