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Chicago, Winter at the Water Tower

This painting portays one of the last survivors of the great Chicago Fire. The Water Tower is Vibrant and festive part of the modern city-especially as seen in the shimmering light of a winter's evening.

Old Water Tower,Chicago,Thomas Kinkade,Painter of Light
Image: 12"x 16", 18"x 24", 
25.5"x 34"

Cobblestone Christmas

    Cobblestone Christmas features a bridge spanning a free-flowing brook, a church, a comfortable inn - all constructed with flat stones that abound in the fields. 
    Light spills from the windows of every home and suffuses into the crisp winter air, where it mingles with the incandescent fires of the setting sun. God and man have truly collaborated in a celebration of the season. 

Image: 12"x 18", 18"x 27", 

Heading Home 

The soldier is alone ... as he is never 
alone in battle. 
     The weight of all he has seen and done, of the pain he has borne and the trials he has overcome bear down on his broad shoulders. The soldier's personal war is over: he is Heading Home. 

Image: 12"x 9", 16"x 12", 
20"x 16"

The Good Life

In The Good Life, third and final piece in my Beginning of a Perfect Evening collection, I have in effect set up my easel in that imagined space where God's bounty is manifest. I identify with the fisherman, who lives in a profound harmony with nature and receives its gifts with humble gratitude. Towering peaks embrace the valley. 

Image: 20"x 24", 24"x 30", 
32"x 40"
Charleston, Sunset 
on Rainbow Row 

 The feeling that I get when I visit Charleston is nostalgic, romantic, as if I had somehow stepped back in time. I've filled my streets with vintage cars and passersby wearing simple yet timeless garb. Step aboard the horse-drawn carriage for a leisurely visit to Rainbow Row!

Image: 18"x 27", 
24"x 36", 28"x 42"


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