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The Cotswolds

Harmony Kingdom's U.K. headquarters, Wimberley Mills, is privileged to be located in one of the most beautiful rural areas in England, the South Cotswolds. Designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Cotswolds is famous for its honey-coloured stone cottages, grand manor houses and impressive churches.

The name Cotswolds' refers to rolling hills and broad river valleys. These wooded hills and valleys are especially suitable for grazing, particularly for the native Cotswold sheep, which in medieval times were responsible for the growth of the wool trade. For centuries Cotswold wool was used in more than half of England's cloth and was exported to the continent, bringing great wealth to the wool merchants who donated large sums to the local churches and built themselves magnificent houses.

The river valleys form the setting for the towns and villages, which nestle snugly amongst the hills. The market town of Stroud is the central point where the five valleys meet. Cirencester, the capital of the Cotswolds, was known during Roman times as Corinium Dubonnorum and was the second largest city in Roman Britain.

Throughout the Cotswolds historic sites are in abundance, as are wildlife activities. The canal that runs alongside Wimberley Mills was once the only means of transport, except for the donkey paths that wind their way down the steep hills. Today the canal acts as an animal reserve. To the south of Wimberley Mills is Bath, the Georgian spa town, rich in Roman history. To the north is Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare's birthplace, close to Warwick Castle, one of the largest medieval castles in the country. To the east is the university town of Oxford, city of dreaming spires.

This setting has had great influence on the creators of Harmony Kingdom. The box figurines share the same reverence towards nature, feeling of antiquity and subtle colouration as the place in which they are created.
 The Cotswolds 

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The Creators

    * The Cotswolds
    * Martin and Corinna Perry
    * Noel Wiggins and Lisa Yashon
    * Peter Calvesbert
    * David Lawrence
    * Monique Baldwin

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