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"Joyful Noise Limited Edition" 
    Thomas Blackshears masterfully captures a woman's 
joyful expression of love for God as she sings her
heartfelt praises. This is made out of high quality lucite, with the bronze figure inside
13 3/4" tall.  Edition 350. Produced by Legends. 
Item # 36017.  Price $2,100.00. 

The Dreamer Limited Edition
" The Dreamers Limited Edition
The Dreamers appear ina unique pairing, Molded in
lucite, the girl from the original 1996 Ebony Visions 
figure of the Dreamer: envisions her secret love. The 
boy, is based on the figure from A Time to Dream. He
appears transfixed in his own world, contemplating
her love. 
7 1/2" tall x 13 1/4" wide.  Edition 550. 
Item # 36018. Price $1450.00 

"The Protector"
The protector is merging of strenth, power and
the tenderness of love. He shelters and protects
with his own life the fragility and innocence of 
new life.
Bronze by Legends  13 1/2" high
Limited to 950 pieces.
$ 2,600.00

 On Wings of Praise
This angelic child looks toward God as he sings his praise
The spirit holds him weightless on the cloud on which he rests.
This is made out of high quality lucite, with the bronze figure inside
This is retired and in a limited edition of only 750
$ 599.00

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