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      La-tee-Da! Effusion lamps exchanges fragrance for the unwanted odors in the air. The Effusion Lamp works at approximately 1/4 the temperature of a candle. It pulls Effusion Fragrance up through the wick to the burner. The burner releases fragrance and will saturate a room more quickly and consistantly than other fragrance froducts. It typically takes about 45 minutes to fragrance the average size home.
      Follow the simple instructions very carefully. Then sit back, relax, and enjoy the La-Tee-Da! effusion lamp.  This is a fragrance delivery system like nothing you have ever experienced. La-Tee-Da! effusion lamp will the air refreshed in your home for many years.

Original Fragrances

Home Effusion Fragrance 16 oz. Refills  $14.95
      Home Effusion Fragrance 32 oz. Refills   $19.95 **

** 55001 Social Graces - (White Flowers) - Light and beautiful soft as petals of heliotrope, white roses, jasmine, ylang ylang and violets leaves.

55002 Essential Conversations - (Verbena) - Strong and bold crisp verbena with essential oils of oak moss, vetiver and calming lavender.

** 55003 Front Porch - (Sandalwood) - Warming balsamic blend of hard woods with a soothing undertone of vanilla bean.

55004 Lake Tahoe Nights - (Balsam Spruce) - A cool night wind blows over the lake remi-niscent of balsam accord and just a touch of spruce.

** 55005 Island Time - (Orange Mango) - A de-lightful blend of island fruits - juicy mango together with succulent pineapple, sweet papaya with a squeeze of fresh citrus.

55006 Do Not Disturb! - (Amber) - Sensual amber essence in melody with rich sandalwood and mahogany is enveloped in orange blossom richness that will restore your romantic side.

** 55007 Idyllic Refuge - (Cinnamon Apple) - Fresh ground cinnamon sprinkled on crisp, tart green apples with a warm aromatic base of a long lasting vanilla.

55008 Mind Candy - (Raspberry Guava) - A basketful of sun-ripened red raspberries and fresh strawberries tossed with tropical guava and tangy kiwi.

** 55009 Sheer Paradise - (Sugared Citrus) - A fruity citrus sugared blend of tangerines, oranges and grapefruits - wildly refreshing.

55010 Grass Roots - (Fresh Cut Clover) - Cut grass and crisp white clover invigorates and replenishes with this fresh green accord.

** 55011 Stay Awhile - (Tropical Vanilla) - Long lasting rich and creamy tropical vanilla is accented with sugar notes of mango.

** 55012 Monogrammed Linens - (Lavender) - Rich lavender and herbal moss essences will relax and center you with their natural properties.

55013 Something in Red- (Red Currant) - Sun ripened red currants sweetened by fruity apples and tangy oranges with just a little bit of tart of red ripe tomatoes and herbaceous floral.

** 55014 Footprints in the Sand - (Ocean Shore) - Hawaiian paradise.warm sun and tan toes - fresh salty air mingles with fresh peeled citrus and delicate jasmine blossoms.

** 55015 Hot Toddy - (Spicy Orange) - Orange and cinnamon are combined with warm gingered apples - warm and spicy but reviving.

55016 First Snow - (Bayberry) - The fragrance of a hand woven cedar branch wreath with sprigs of mistletoe, bayberries and holly berries adds to the warmth of the holiday season.

** 55017 Perfectly Pomegranate - (Pomegranate) - A delightful pomegranate fantasy...fresh raspberries and strawberries intermingle accented by red delicious apple and sweetened by creamy vanilla.


** 55018 Gardens of Savannah - (Magnolia) - A bright, but alluringly coy fragrance with a fresh heart of magnolia grand flora - hints of musk notes in the base provide subliminal femininity.

** 55019 24 Karat - (Golden Fields) - Leafy green fields of sunflowers and black-eyed susans - the intoxicating smell of linden blossom deepens the appeal, while soft amber vanilla lingers to fulfill.

** 55020 Tropical Escape - (Tropical Melon) - Sliced fresh honeydew, dew fruit and mango.juicy and ripe - heighten your tropical escape with the essence of fresh tropical melons and light tropical florals.

** 55021 Feel the Passion - (Orchid & Passion Flower) - Feel the passion of a fresh blooming lily and passion flowers on the vine, intertwined with the romantic scent of orchids and amber musk.

** 55022 Dancing In the Rain - (Rain) - Dance through rain-misted fields of fresh, white peonies and carnations in first-bloom -green herbs lift the soft floral rain notes to create a scent that is delicately brilliant.

55023 Rue Royale - (Woods & Spices) - Warm summer evening walks down the streets of the quarter just before the party begins - traces of warm hardwoods and spice.not sweet at all, but oh, so tempting.

55024 High Tea - (Sugar Crumbles) - Golden pecan pie covered with brown sugar crystals and amaretto whipped cream.

** 55025 Now & Zen - (Exotic Spice) - Combines baby pumpkin, ginger and warm hay with a crackling spritz of fresh peppercorns with dashes of cinnamon and nutmeg.

** 55026 Some Beach - (Ocean Rain) - Captures the essence of crisp ocean breezes bristling through mottled, periwinkle fields of lavender and jasmine.

** 55027 Riveria - (Royal Pear) - The mouth watering aroma of sliced, golden, Asian pears on a bed of fresh grass and water reeds. The slightest hints of vanilla and cream give a sweet finish.

** 55028 Silk - (Vanilla Poppy)- Embraces a tender sensuality with fresh vanilla beans and soft caramel rounded out by a rich and sensual blend of patchouli, musk and amber, tempered with floral notes of jasmine and geranium.

55029 Exquisite - (Peony) - Fresh peony blends with luscious garden rose in this beautiful and feminine interpretation of a classic floral fragrance.

 55030 Under the Sun - (Crisp Apple) - This fragrance revives the aroma of an apple in all its virtues with green, sparkling and juicy notes.

55031 Invitation Only - (Frosted Creme) - The rich frothy scent of whipped cream combines with notes of warm vanilla and sugar to create this indulgent, scrumptious scent.

55999 Dilute! - Let's tone it down! Mix this with any of our wonderful home effusion fragrances for smaller areas or if your fragrance is just too strong. Use 1?2 and 1?2 or 1?4 fragrance with 3?4 Dilute! for extreme softening. You can use your own recipe for your personal taste!


** 55032 Pandamonium NEW - (Patchouli) - A complex layering of rich, woody elements that interweaves patchouli, cashmere, jasmine, citrus, and thyme into a sumptuous tapestry

55033 Emerald Heist NEW - (Green Tea) - Earthy atmosphere of green tea accented with vibrant mandarin blossom and softened by cedar wood

55034 Tahitian Pearls- Lush, fruity floral dipping with natural sweetness of juicy nectarines, with a soft whisper of nectarines, with a soft whisper of jasmine, ylang and tuberose

55035 Trumpet Vine-Busting with a rich nectar of honeysuckle, bois de rose, and cassis, perfectly balanced with a clean freshness of 
citrus and lavender.

55036 Garden of Eden-Ripe with the tempting harvest of spanish fig complimented by herbaceous notes of sweet basil, sage leaf, and coriander.

55037 Takari- A woodland medley of smooth vetiver, sultry sandalwood, dew-covered bamboo, and earthy patchouli lifted by a warm glow amber and soft musk.

55038 Smoke & Mirrors- Enveloped by the warmth of supple mahogany and brushed by the velvety softness of leather and tabacco.

55039 Keepsake-Fresh lilac and heliotrope accord enhancing the delicate touch of green leaves, spruce needle; a dash of musk adds subliminal sensuality.



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