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Frequently Asked Questions ???

How does my lamp work?  Your lamp uses catalytic conversion. The stone is heated to a high Temperature and it pulls the air into the vessel and forces the fragrance up and out into the air.

Why does the fragrance disapppear when I am not using my lamp? You will need to be sure to replace the closed metal cap when you have fragranced your room. The fragrance is made with isopropyl alcohol and will evaporate if left open.

How much fragrance will my lamp use?  Your lamp will utilize approximately one ounce per hour. You will need to be sure the closed metal cap is replaced over the burner any time it not in use-this will help prevent evaporation.

Why does the same lamp look different?  Each lamp is mouth blown and created one at a time. When mouth blown glass is created each piece is unique and no two will be the same. This is a characteristic of blown glass. The glass may also contain bubbles. These bubbles are also charactiristics of mouth blown glass.

Why does my stone not stay hot and disperse fragrance after I blow the flame out? Your stone has become clogged. Light the burner and 
let it burn for 4-5 minutes to clear out any of the oil residue. Your burner will become hot and should work properly now. Be sure you do not leave effusion fragrance in the lamp when not in use 
for more than 24 hours.

I filled my lamp with effusion fragrance and inserted the wick and my 
stone won't light-why? Did you wait 20-30 minutes for effusion fragrance to absorb into the wick and up to the burner?

Safety Instructions

For adult use only. 

Follow instructions, carefully. Read  ALL warning labels on Effusion fragrance.

Discontinue use if any irritation occurs.

Keep out of the reach of children and animals at all times.

Light Effusion lamp ONLY on a flat stable surface.  Glass, marble, and stoneware plates are recommended. 

DO NOT PLACE your lamp on wood or finished surfaces as Effusion fragrance contains alcohol and will ruin the finish.

Keep the lamp and fragrance away from any combustible materials.

NEVER leave the open flame unattended.

NEVER touch the Effusion burner stone after lighting.

Blow out the burner flame before placing the vented crown on the lamp. 

Use caution when removing the vented crown (it will be HOT!).  Place the crown on a heat resistant surface.

Use the La-Tee-Da! Lamp with La-Tee-Da! Effusion fragrances only. 

These fragrances were specifically formulated to burn properly with the La-Tee-Da!  wick assembly.

Introduction Instructions  FAQ's & Safety   Fragrance 
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