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After completing Thomas' recent plain air study of Yosemite Valley, the mountains' majesty refused to leave him.  When his family wandered through the national park visitor center, he discovered a key to my fantasy—a recreation of a Miwok Indiana Village.

Mountians Declare His Glory
Image: 24"x 30"

When I lift up my eyes, I find the truth of the Psalm confirmed by the radiance of sunrise, by a shimmering memory of a rainbow... especially by a towering snow-capped peak, like the one that stands as a silent sentinel in Mountain Majesty.

— Thomas Kinkade 

Mountain Majesty
Mountain Majesty
Image: 18"x 27"


Now, more than ever, New York is America's city - a symbol of our indomitable spirit, our energy,our roots in a proud past, our confidence in the future. Is there any place in this fair land that better symbolizes the glamour and drama of American life than New York, 5th Avenue.
New York Fifth Avenue
New York Fifth Avenue
Image: 18"x 27",  24"x 36",  28"x 42", 
40"x 60"

Fishing was one of our summer pastimes, and we all had our favorite fishing holes. Covered bridges like this one were rarities in the Sierra foothills, but it seemed, at least in our boyhood imaginings, that big trout gathered in the shadowy depths under those dramatic old bridges. The morning sun dapples the scene in the radiant light of memory.
Old Fishing Hole

The Old Fishin' Hole
Image: 12"x 18",  18"x 27",  24"x 36"


Every gate, to paraphrase a favorite song, has its season. The season for this dramatic portal, with its monumental pillars and ornate ironwork, its lavish blossoms and delicate palette of floral colors, clearly is summer. Summer Gate introduces Thomas' third print series to embrace the promise of a season by exploring the enticing world that lies beyond a secluded gate. 
Open Gate
The Open Gate
Image: 12"x 16",  16"x 20",  18"x 24"

When humankind was young, we lived in a garden paradise.
Thomas believes that to be literally true; it is also experientially true for the fortunate among us. When we were children, we lived in a protected sanctuary, under the loving care of our parents. The world was new to our experience, and filled with wonder and mystery. The light had a special radiance...the flowers were treasures of color and scent...butterfly was a small miracle. And then they grew up. 
Pathway to Paridise

Pathway to Paridise 
Image: 18"x 24",  25.5"x 34", 30"x 40"


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