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The Ahwahnee Hotel is located in the heart of the valley and has been there for nearly one hundred years. Thomas decided to paint the hotel at Christmas and capture the quiet beauty and overwhelming sense of peace. 
Christmas at Ahwahnee
Christmas at Ahwahnee
Image: 16" x 18"
The first in the Season of Lights Collection.  Both the outgoing and incoming first families.  This painting celebrates the national security and prosperity that flows from decisions made in this building.

The Lights of Liberty 
Image: 12' x 16," 16"x 20," and 20"x 24"

Aficionados of San Francisco will note Thomas' many romantic touches: replacing the contemporary wharf electric trolleys with the more colorful and nostalgic cable cars, clearing away some of the fisherman's shacks along Scoma's pier to allow a less interrupted view of the famous Golden Gate, dressing the scene with an uninterrupted flow of vintage vehicles.
City by the Bay
City by the Bay
Image: 18"x 27," 24"x 36," 28"x 42",
40"x  60"

Inspiration waits around countless surprising corners. Sometimes Thomas even finds it... on an inspirational CD! Not long ago, a friend shared spiritual music with him. On the CD cover, photos of brilliant lightning flashed. 
Conquering the Stroms
Conquering the Storms
Image: 16"x 20" , 18"x 24" , and 24"x 30"

An artist has a duty to follow his muse even when it leads us down unexpected or inconvenient paths. He lives by that rule, and sometimes Thomas is rewarded with a lovely treasure like Foxglove Cottage newest in his Flower Cottages of Carmel print collection. 
Foxglove Cottage
Foxglove Cottage
Image:24"x 34

"The Good Shepherd's Cottage" is an allegory in paint, an image of the Lord returning to call His faithful. His house is an utterly comfortable and secure cottage, radiant with light. The air is luminous with sunset; the sound of His voice thrilling as He calls His sheep into a verdant meadow.
Good Sheperds Cottage
Good Sheperd's Cottage
Image: 18"x 24"


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