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In Courage I use a vocabulary of personal artistic symbols to convey this message: God rewards our perseverance with His gift of courage. A storm-tossed sailboat has come within sight of a lighthouse; the beacon of divine love will guide it to shore. A sublime radiance breaks through the clouds, embracing the boat in its holy light.

"Life Values Collection II" 
Image: 18' x 27," 24"x 36," and 28"x 42"

Ah, the dappled light of morning... it works such an exquisite magic on the flowers. Each dew-drenched petal reflects radiant sunlight, much like the facets of a jewel. Thomas imagines the generations of family enjoying their magnificent gardens at their leisure, watching the slow growth of hedges and climbing roses much as they savor the slow maturing of children and grandchildren.


Victorian Garden 
Image: 20"x 24"

Garden of Grace, first in my Gardens of Light series, is my evocation of this primal garden, which, in some sense hearkens back to Eden, but is available to all of us, today, through God's loving sacrifice. 
I've created an atmosphere of utter, resplendent luminosity. The golden glow of God's light touches the leaves and flowers with splendor. The effect is thrilling.

Garden of Grace 
Image: 16"x20",  20"24",24"x30"
The Bridge of Hope is as stable as the massive granite flagstones that form its arch and will stand for as long as the quicksilver brook rolls down from the hills beneath it. A magnificent white dogwood, symbol of the purity of God's grace, shades the bridge. Its over-arching boughs remind us that, while we stand on the Bridge of Hope, we are enshrouded by the loving embrace of our creator.
Bridge of Hope
Bridge of Hope 
Image: 18"x24, 25.5"x34", 30"X40"
A multifaced allegory encompassing many deminsions of time, from the ephemeral to the enduring.  The regal Edwardian tower looms over its weatherworm cottage; the seemingly inseperable pair to stand for centuries.  Yet the clock marks each minute.  The bell tolls each hour.   The cottage greets each season.

Clocktower Cottage 
Image: 18"x 27", 24"x 36", 28"x 42"
Hometown Morning, establishes that you can go home again.  Perhaps not with a boy's innocence and enthusiasm, but certainly with an adult's fond memories and deep appreciation for the gifts of community, of belonging, of shared values and dreams that are the essence of the hometown experience.

Hometown Morning 
Image: 24"x 30" , 25.5"x 34" , 30"x 40"


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