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In Stairway to Paridise, a classic stone stairway embraced by climbing roses, and shaded by lavish flowering plum and dogwood trees, is such a emblem of the eternal.  The stairs lead us up to glowing distant hedges - and perhaps to the subject of the next piece in the collection!
Stairway to Paridise
Stairway to Paridise
Image: 18"x 24", 25.5"x 35", 30"x 40"

Every gate, to paraphrase a favorite song, has its season. The season for this dramatic portal, with its monumental pillars and ornate ironwork, its lavish blossoms and delicate palette of floral colors, clearly is summer. Summer Gate introduces Thomas' third print series to embrace the promise of a season by exploring the enticing world that lies beyond a secluded gate.
Summer Gate
Summer Gate
Image:  18"x 24", 25.5"x 34", 30"x 40"

As we approach the year 2000, I feel compelled as an artist to celebrate not the passing of the old millennium but the beginning of the new millennium.To me the new millennium represents a pivotal point in human-history—a chance to change the world for the better. Thomas truly believes that this next millennium will come to be characterized as the "Millennium of Light" and he prays his Sunrise painting will be symbolic of a new dawning of God's grace and love in the years ahead.
Image: 24"x 20", 30"x 24", 40"x 32"

 Thomas'  first published depiction of a working farm, and the initial print in his Riverbend Farm collection is a lovely pastoral. This picture of peace and prosperity is enlivened by milling cows returning to the barn at evening, and flocks of geese and ducks that ford the pristine stream.
Sunset at Riverbend Farm
Sunset at Riverbend Farm
Image: 18"x 27"

Christmas is Thomas' favorite time of year. The artist side of him is drawn to the lights and visual elements of the season. In Village Christmas, He has tried to capture a Christmas of a simpler time, where street lamps glow with the warm light of a natural flame and the townsfolk use a leisurely stroll to church as the opportunity to stop and chat about the joyous season.
Village Christmas
Village Christmas
Image: 18"x 24"

 I embrace the world of our deepest dreams in canvases like Mountain Paradise.  A mountain stream cascades over an array of ancient stones, creating myriad waterfalls that sing their praise of the Lord in the voices of water.

Mountain Paradise

In nature, times of change are often the most brilliantly colored. The transition of sunset paints the fading hues of autumn with a heavenly radiance; in this, the still waters of Serenity Cove reflect the glory of earth and sky

Serenity Cove


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