Once Upon A Kiss Figurine

The most popular animated characters in the world inspire the captivating “Once Upon a Kiss” Heirloom Porcelain® Masterpiece Edition from Bradford Editions. It’s the first-ever, grand-scale collectible to capture two-dimensional Disney artwork on a three-dimensional Mickey and Minnie Mouse sculpture … in an edition forever limited to a worldwide release of only 5000 issues!

Standing an impressive 9¼ inches high, the Mickey and Minnie Mouse figures are hand-sculpted of luminous, triple-fired Heirloom Porcelain and hand-glazed in vivid, high-gloss cartoon colours. Their sweet embrace, costumes and details—including Minnie’s polka-dot hair bow and yellow buttons on Mickey’s shorts—are faithfully recreated to stay true to Walt Disney’s beloved characters.

Created from art by Disney artists, delightful, two-dimensional scenes of Mickey and Minnie sharing good times parade around her skirt, becoming an integral part of its design. Gleaming 22K gold adds touches of Disney magic. Of course, Minnie’s lipstick prints evoke the warmth and affection that have forever defined these lovable, classic Walt Disney characters.

Measures about 9¼ inches high (24.8 cm).

©2006 The Bradford Editions

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