Tinker Bell A Dash of Sass

Join Tinker Bell as she explores all the magic and wonder of our everday human world with "A Dash of Sass." Created with Disney artists and featuring Tinker Bell admiring herself in the shiny top of a REAL glass salt-shaker, it's a first-of-its kind from The Hamilton Collection!

There's so much about this sculpture to love, and there's no doubt you'll be delighted by every detail. Tink's wings shimmer with glittery magic while her spritely pose is totally adorable. Of course, meticulous handcrafting and hand-painting brings every magical detail to life! What's more, the sentiment on the salt shaker simply says it all!

"A Dash of Sass" debuts the fabulously fun Tinker Bell Sugar & Spice Collection featuring Tinker Bell discovering special pixie magic in REAL items from any dinner table!

Measures about 5.25" (13.1 cm.) high.

Certificate of Authenticity included.

©2008 HC. All Rights Reserved.

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