Cinderella Musical
Crystal Egg  0700483001

“Sparkling Cinderella,” premiere issue in the Disney Crystal Palace Masterpiece Collection, holds at its heart a glittering bejeweled sculpture of Cinderella as she enchants everyone at the Prince’s ball! The multi-faceted crystal egg embracing the sculptural princess catches and multiplies the light, reflecting Cinderella in glittering brilliance and creating an all-new interpretation of the jeweled elegance of Peter Carl Fabergé’s classic designs. Crowned with a beautiful tiara set with a genuine Swarovski crystal and resting on an ornate metal stand, this unique musical treasure is a truly elegant celebration of the magical story of Cinderella.

The beautiful figure of Cinderella is meticulously sculpted by hand to capture every detail of her sparkling charm and her gown is set with dozens of hand-set faux jewels, as are the steps she stands on. The ornate egg that embraces her is set with more faux jewels and features a unique star pattern deeply incised into the fine crystal and polished by hand. The metal base is enhanced with blue enamel and four large glittering faux jewels colour-matched to Cinderella’s gown and holds a gleaming Cinderella movie logo for added collectibility. Crowning this crystal heirloom-in-the-making is a metal tiara topper featuring hand-set glass jewels and a large sparkling Swarovski crystal. This premiere treasure plays the timeless melody of “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes” on an eighteen-note musical movement in the base.

Measures 7¼ inches tall.


©2007 Ardleigh Elliott

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