Elvis 68 Comeback Special Sculpture

Thirty years after his death, time only seems to have deepened the bond between Elvis and us. His legend lives large in the memory and in a monumental work of sculpture authorized by the Presley Estate to commemorate the 30th Anniversary. Towering almost 1 1⁄2 feet tall, this is the largest single work of Elvis sculpture ever issued by the Bradford Exchange, and it brings to life the excitement of his career turning performance in 1968.

You’ll want to linger over every handcast and handpainted detail of this monumental work. With unerring realism, the sculptor captures the passion in Elvis’ face, his chiseled good looks and the thick shock of ink-black hair that every girl wanted to muss up. The King of Rock and Roll commands the stage, a pout on his lips and black leather hugging his frame, putting everything he has into the song. The thrill is definitely back for Elvis and his fans.

Limited to only 5000 issues!

Elvis, Elvis Presley, and King of Rock and Roll are Registered Trademarks with the USPTO. ©2007 Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc.
©2007 The Bradford Exchange

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